OHHHHHHHHH We’re half way there!!!!

IT’S ALIVVEEEEE!!!! This week, we have almost perfected the autonomous control for the speed line test and StamPi has begun to take its first steps (or tracks) into its life. We have also designed a 3D printed a mount to attach add-ons, for example, the grabber for the golf course. We also tested the best controller configurations and tested who is the most skilled with the controller (in other words who plays the most FPS). We’re now ready for about 5/7 challenges!!!¬†WhatsApp Image 2018-03-01 at 17.46.39


I’m Green da ba dee da ba daa

Stampi 2.0 is looking more and more like a tortoise each week! We’ve painted the ‘shell’ this week. As well as that, we’ve worked on the code for colour detection and also stripped some plastic from the nerf gun to make the robot more lightweight and hopefully improve its performance.


Rolling in the Gluuuuueeeeee

StamPi 2.0 is finally starting to look like a tortoise!! Well, at least a fossilised one… Have a look at the pictures. We’ve got a wire frame so far and began to form the shape of the body. In other news, we’ve worked on our nerf gun and gotten an idea of the circuit we’re going to build. We’re really really close!


Guess who’s back

This week was the first back since we came back from the Christmas holidays. We started looking at some code for colour detection and next week we hope to test it. In addition, the design side is making rapid progress! The new motors are here and we’re integrating them into StamPi 2.0. Once that’s done, we’ll be fiddling around with the autonomous control!


Winter is coming…

We have disbanded for the Christmas holidays. Here’s a wee update on what we’ve done so far:

We’ve 3D printed a bearing onto which we’ll mount the nerf gun, we’ve pretty much¬†finished the wiring with the nerf gun, and we will now be working on the PID control now that the motor issues are amended.

Tortoise, we have a problem.

We’re still struggling with the PID control!! We think it’s the motor’s fault now, so we have ordered a new motor and we hope that will fix the issue. In the meantime, we have a chassis made!

Also, this week, our team will be going to Daresbury Laboratories to showcase our endeavours in representing the Testudinidae species. We will be bringing a real-life mini tortoise, and we will be bringing 3D printed models.

We will be posting pictures!!